Dr. Victor Pendleton, PhD, CSCS
Tobacco Cessation Group,
Weds 0930-1100, bldg 147
Quitting the use of tobacco is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health!
This website was created to support the Tobacco Cessation Group run by Dr. Victor Pendleton. Below you will find a brief description of the sessions as well as links to session handouts.
Session 1
Are You Addicted?



Medication Description

Physical and Psychological Effects and Benefits

Session 2
Session 3
Smoking Log


Quit Day Actions

Slips and Relapses
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Coping with Withdrawal

Physical Activity
Keeping Weight Off

Sleep Tips
Signs of Stress

Coping with Stress
Session 1 - Thinking about quitting: Assessment, Ambivalence, Motives, Intent, Self (love) Talk, Meds.
Session 2 - Set Quit Date: Triggers, Environment Prep, Urge Surfing, Action Plan
Session 3 - Cognitive model, Urges and Cravings, Strategies for change: tapering, substitutes, repetition, rehearsal
Session 4 - Physical Activity & Weight Gain: Assessment, Urges and cravings, Stress/Thought Mgmt
Session 5 - Diet and Sleep: Urge Surfing, Stress Mgmt, Tapes
Session 6 - Stress Mgmt: Biofeedback
Session 7 - Benefits of quitting: Health, Money
Session 8 - Support: Assessment, Relapse Prevention
Description of Sessions